Virtual Quest

An adventure game with an engaging storyline and interesting characters.



Teams play against the clock and earn points. The result of the game of all teams is visible immediately after the end of the game.

Collection of artifacts

After each team completed task, they receive items or parts of the map.

Each team strives to solve all the tasks as quickly as possible, using minimal hints and without penalty points.


Depending on your goals, you can reward the winning teams according to their point ranking or unite all participants in one inspirational group quest.


Players solve puzzles, socialize and get to know each other better, no matter how far apart they are.

Playing and achieving a goal together helps participants feel like part of one big team.
Steps of creating a virtual event

Creating a game

Based on your wishes and goals, a unique story is created with a design and scenario that involves all players.

Player invitations

We send your employees invitations, a game backstory and a link to join.

Start of game

The host explains the rules and the plot, the participants are divided into teams and start.

Game Process

Teams receive assignments, discuss options, receive hints and, by giving the correct answer, move on to the next level.

Interteam tasks

Some tasks require inter-team cooperation or even the joint efforts of all participants in the quest.


The host announces the results, and the smartest and fastest teams, or even all players receive prizes.

Finished story games

We can create a special game theme according to your request or offer you ready-made scenarios

Task examples

There are several hundred different tasks, choose those that your employees will like the most.
Identify a poem, the hero of a story, films, a book, a famous meme, a picture by part of the information.
We embed brand information, values, culture and principles in a fun and playful way.


Guess the backwards song, find out the piece from a fragment, find clues in a video.

Video / Audio


Solve a cipher or code. Build associations, remember a fact or find information on the Internet.
Recreate a film plot, reproduce an old photo, or perform a fun group activity.


Find the right places on virtual maps, both outdoors and inside buildings. Set either in the present time or many years ago.

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