Advent calendar

A daily adventure calendar. A variety of new puzzles scheduled for each day.
Experiences that unite the whole team.

Types of formats and tasks

How it works

Every day, players receive a new, dynamic and interestingly designed task. These can be sent in a sequential order, or employees’ choice.


We will design an advent calendar in your style and come up with tasks for your goals. We will select the complexity and number of tasks based on your needs.
Answer questions, shoot a video, meet a colleague, recreate an unusual photo, find a treasure, or send an encrypted message to another department.

The advent calendar introduces new colleagues to each other, unites completely different departments, engages colleagues in a common activity, creates a sense of team cohesion and promotes the principles of the company.




Game strategy

Create your own unique recipe with the finest ingredients
You can play for a week or a month, one task per day or several. You decide.
Each team independently chooses how to earn points - to complete a lot of easy tasks or a few difficult ones.
Arrange competitions and give prizes to those who have scored the most points. Create a tiered gallery of prizes where everyone can decide whether to save up for one big prize or limit themselves to a few small ones.
The reward will find its hero

Got questions?

We will call back and explain