Virtual events

A modern version of team building for remote employees. An opportunity to meet, have fun with colleagues, celebrate the contribution of each employee to the work of the company, involve everyone in an exciting interaction.
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Steps of creating a virtual event

Creating a game

Based on your wishes and goals, a unique story is created with a design and scenario that involves all players.

Player invitations

We send your employees invitations, a game backstory and a link to join.

Start of game

The host explains the rules and the plot, the participants are divided into teams and start.

Game Process

Teams receive assignments, discuss options, receive hints and, by giving the correct answer, move on to the next level.

Interteam tasks

Some tasks require inter-team cooperation or even the joint efforts of all participants in the quest.


The host announces the results, and the smartest and fastest teams, or even all players receive prizes.
Choose the concept
We will create a special game theme according to your request or offer ready-made scenarios

Many of your colleagues are in other countries and immersed in a very different culture. They say they walk upside down there and sleep during the day.

During the game, you will not only learn the latest news about other employees, how they live now, what worries them, but also the cities and countries where they are now.

The main message of this concept is “Together we can do anything”.

We work, we do our job, we do it well and with soul. Our company and our people are the center of confidence and stability. Together we will overcome all difficulties.

It was a normal training flight. Countdown: five... four... three... two... one! They took off. Billions of stars were supposed to appear on the screens, but for some reason the familiar constellations could not be seen. The Milky Way can still be seen, but it looks a little different. The ship completed its subspace jump and we landed. The screens showed that the ship was on the surface of the Earth. We left the ship, Everything seems to be as usual, but something is not right. Where are we? Earth? Another world?

A quest related to traveling through time and space, for team interaction, with passion and the effect of competition.

Exploring the chosen topic, the teams find themselves in completely different places and jointly solve puzzles and riddles, coming to a single common unifying ending.

We are surrounded by amazing people, but how well do we know them?

People with a special, inner “light”.
All tasks are tests for various character traits, participants take turns using their "superpowers" for the benefit of the team. A kind quest about mutual assistance to others, which helps in further joint work and business.

The plot is based on the game world of several computer games (Minecraft, PUBG, GTA 5, Warcraft)

Players will have to complete tasks related to familiar plots, learn unusual facts and personally influence the ongoing plot.

The Masonic order became aware of the location of the Holy Grail - a symbol of enlightenment and immortality of the soul. The Grand Master gathers the members of the lodges for a joint mission.

A game about secret signs that lie behind obvious things. Freemasons, lodges and secret signs of reading information. What can be hidden in a seemingly harmless book?
Since its inception, mankind has been constantly inventing something. This gives us constant development, improvement, and at the same time makes life easier for us. We move faster than sound, we fly into space, we build smart houses and cars with autopilot, we defeat diseases. And where did all this come from?

In the game we will go through the path of development that mankind has overcome, thanks to the thirst for knowledge.

The future is already here. And what a future! All technological things have already been implemented and dreams have come true.

Our hero wakes up and is surprised to learn that implants have been implanted into him that increase his power and strength. Now he can see farther, carry more. Who did this to him and why?

We promise that everything will end well and this is done with the aim of increasing happiness in the world.

unique games we have hosted
participants have played with us
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Task examples

There are several hundred different tasks, choose those that your employees will like the most.
Identify a poem, the hero of a story, films, a book, a famous meme, a picture by part of the information.
We embed brand information, values, culture and principles in a fun and playful way.


Guess the backwards song, find out the piece from a fragment, find clues in a video.

Video / Audio


Solve a cipher or code. Build associations, remember a fact or find information on the Internet.
Recreate a film plot, reproduce an old photo, or perform a fun group activity.


Find the right places on virtual maps, both outdoors and inside buildings. Set either in the present time or many years ago.

Google view

Brain teaser

Start time
We will program a simultaneous or staggered start time, making it convenient for each team. You will not be restricted by any time difference.
Hints and bonuses
Decide when participants receive hints on each task in the game, as well as on the conditions for obtaining extra riddles and bonus points.
Incentives and penalties
Set up the answers so that some of them will grant bonus points, while some will be penalized. Let's create universal codes.
Treasure for the team
Create tasks that unite all teams, parts of which they will receive in the form of a map, puzzle, text or video messages during the game.
Platform Benefits
We took various options for holding online events and compared them for your convenience.
Video Conferencing Solutions
Chat bot
Our Smartio platform
Setting tasks and receiving answers
Team chat
Images and video
Automatic hints for tasks
Bonus tasks
Automatic scoring
Unique game design
Common task for all teams
Legendary stories and customized scripts
Character creation
Trick questions and penalties
Multi-day games
Engagement Analytics
Security (SSO)

We will make a detailed calculation of your event for free

Finding the perfect solution
We offer design options
We will select animators and host
Come up with an original concept