Features and benefits

We have 101 ways to make your event unique.
We offer a sophisticated game system, in which everything is provided, already created, and located on one platform. The platform and games are convenient and easily understandable for every member of the team.
From the start to the table with the results - the system works completely automatically, and works equally effectively with any number of players.
We will decorate the whole game and individual tasks in the corporate style and in the chosen theme. We brand, add logos, come up with game characters and customize the game to suit your needs.




Fascinating tasks



Your game can last several hours or a week, depending on your concept. We can either allow participants to choose tasks on their own or we can direct them according to the plot.
Let's make a game for you
You can change the design: The entry page to the game, the background color, the location of the elements, the font, and so on. Let's create a unique style for your event.
We will play out the features, history and values of your company in the scenario. We will involve all participants and even their relatives.
Start time
We will program a simultaneous or staggered start time, making it convenient for each team. You will not be restricted by any time difference.
Hints and bonuses
Decide when participants receive hints on each task in the game, as well as on the conditions for obtaining extra riddles and bonus points.
Incentives and penalties
Set up the answers so that some of them will grant bonus points, while some will be penalized. Let's create universal codes.
Treasure for the team
Create tasks that unite all teams, parts of which they will receive in the form of a map, puzzle, text or video messages during the game.
Platform Benefits
We took various options for holding online events and compared them for your convenience.
Video Conferencing Solutions
Chat bot
Our platform
Setting tasks and receiving answers
Team chat
Images and video
Automatic hints for tasks
Bonus tasks
Automatic scoring
Unique game design
Common task for all teams
Legendary stories and customized scripts
Character creation
Trick questions and penalties
Multi-day games
Engagement Analytics
Security (SSO)

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