Live action games

Exciting and useful entertainment for remote team of employees. It helps to introduce participants and involve them in interactive interaction, “break the ice” in communication and get to know each other better, have fun, improve useful soft skills and experience vivid emotions.

And remember the shared experience for a long time.
*Upgrades skills of
Involvement. All participants are easily and imperceptibly involved in the game interaction.
We help with effective communication skills using game mechanics.
The main mechanics is communication between players: negotiations, discussions, information exchange, collective decision making.
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To achieve goals, participants need to negotiate and win trust, make alliances, convince others, show creative talents and stay several steps ahead of the competition.
Good and interesting events increase the number of motivated people and their loyalty to the company.
Act together
Practical benefits
The game contributes to team building, the formation of leadership skills, and the development of soft skills.
Whoever works well, rests well. An interesting event is an expression of gratitude from the company to its employees for the result.
A common event is the fastest way to introduce all employees to each other and to improve their communication in the future.
In a live action game, each participant receives a role and a set of tasks. Participants can be superheroes, movie producers or mafia dons.

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