Immersive Events

Games where you interact with professional actors. Online with full immersion, the effect of personal presence and the ability to influence the plot.
Novelty of perception
Full involvement
Psychological tricks
Vivid emotions
Script twists
Intellectual pleasure
Professional Actors
Participant interaction
Story scenes
From the very beginning, they gently immerse you in the atmosphere of the game and create a feeling of complete reality.
Involve and help to fully get used to the role in order to feel the excitement and taste of victory.
Gives you the opportunity to influence the scenario, negotiate and make collective decisions during the game.

10 cases of Commissioner

You are all gathered for the most important event for private investigators of all countries - the international competition of detectives.

Each team that represents a separate detective agency gets its own script and online game props. Players have the opportunity to contact live actors - the heroes of the story, witnesses and suspects in order to unravel a complex case.

Teams simultaneously take on investigations to compete for the title of this year's coolest detective agency!
Each game has online materials: folders with photos, personal files, evidence, suspects' social media accounts, letters, witness statements. Participants, studying the materials and communicating with the actors, build their own version of the script and investigate the course of events.

Mystical Blackwood

News headlines tell of a strange incident in the town of Blackwood.

A young girl has gone missing, six of her friends are under suspicion, each of whom denies any involvement in the incident. But you are convinced that they have something to hide.

Your task, divided into teams, is to investigate, find clues, learn as much as possible about the heroes of the story and find the missing girl!
Interaction with the actors takes place online in real time - you can correspond with the characters, make video calls, view social networks and access their mail.

Hotel Last Number

The hotel is a neutral territory for vampires, demons, hunters, sorcerers and other evil spirits. Here they are going to relax, tell stories, trade information and make deals.
General plans that evening were thwarted by the murder of a man in the main hall. Who and why violated the basic rule of neutral territory? Can you discover the truth and still keep the fragile peace between the parties?

An immersive detective quest in the world of the Supernatural series, in which you will take part as one of the four sides - demons, vampires, hunters and sorcerers.
The actors with whom the teams interact use not only costumes and makeup, but also are in an entourage place. Depending on the scenario, they may act as witnesses, suspects, or even represent another detective agency, be careful!

Warhammer. Halfling path

You will find yourself in a seemingly peaceful Hafling village and its surroundings. For the duration of the game, you will immerse yourself in the life of an ordinary settlement, with its daily and not so affairs. The village needs
hold elections for a new headman, decide what to do with the magician who has come to you. And also vote whether it is worth building a fortification from robbers, otherwise they say that there was an attack on a neighboring village recently.

A live-action role-playing game set in the Warhammer universe, a world where there is constant warfare and there is always room for intrigue and adventure.
A standard game is designed for 100-150 people. These are 10 teams that are investigating. If the players are from 150 people and above, then the number of teams increases, since the comfortable number of players in a team is up to 15 people.
Clarify the number of players
Enjoy the event
Choose the scenario and date of the game
Tell us your goals and objectives
Throughout the game, the actors communicate with the teams and help progress through the story, suggesting where the participants come to a standstill.
After the game, you can see analytics on the actions of each participant and personal results.
Goals and objectives
In addition to the general goal of the game for each team, there are also individual tasks for each player, which adds to the involvement in the process.
Features of immersive team building
Mark the best players, the best team, or create an interesting final that unites all participants.

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