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An international terrorist group is kidnapping the world's best chemists. The plans include the use of a new virus in terrorist attacks against civilians. You are a secret squad codenamed Mission Impossible.

Travel and traditions

Let's dive into the secrets, myths and interesting traditions of various places.

We learn dozens of unusual facts:

  • Why is it not customary to clink glasses in Hungary?
  • What is the world record in the typical Finnish game "Boot Throwing"?
  • Why do people in Tibet show their tongues when they meet?
  • What language has 421 words for snow?
And Oscar goes to...

It is priceless to receive recognition from colleagues and management for what you are doing great. And it doesn’t have to be about working qualities at all.

Nomination and voting, presentation of awards to each participant. That's what this motivating game is about!

Steampunk quest

All modern technologies are forgotten, in the world there are only steam engines and all kinds of hybrid installations. Participants need to use their wits and collect various elements to turn on the electricity generator.

Magic is around us

In fact, if you lift the hood of the car, you can see how it is powered by the magic of the elves. And the words on the computer screen are formed at the behest of the fairy: she orders the crickets to create the letters that you see. It is said that once a year, great magicians come together to add new magic to our world.

Detective Story

The best detectives and agencies of the country are involved in the investigation of the chain

crimes. The government decided on a unique experiment.

In connection with the aggravated situation, it was decided to involve private detective organizations in remote investigations.

Raise of androids

One day, the androids stopped obeying people and seized all the mines, all the equipment and limited contact with people. Only the first law of robotics remained unchanged: "A robot cannot harm a person."

Zombie quest

Company employees portray a surviving group of people who, depending on the scenario, need to get out of a closed room or find a vaccine. Team cohesion is achieved by the presence of an external enemy.

Beauty saves the world

We think that the whole world revolves around men. But we do not even suggest how many great discoveries are women.

In the quest, participants will learn amazing details about famous things and look at the role of women in the world around them from a completely different angle.

Do you know?
The quest does not require academic knowledge, but ingenuity, creativity and team support help. And it's very cool!

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