The world has long, but still very slowly moved towards remote work, and some companies have already begun to provide employees with the opportunity to work from home. International teams, due to their specifics, constantly used Skype, Zoom, Google Meet and other tools for interaction. But did we think that it was online communication that would quickly become a significant part of our lives?

Most companies were able to quickly rebuild, and the question arose, how to make sure that all the functions of daily communication are preserved? How can people get to know each other better? Is it possible to create an online team? How to maintain the fighting and corporate spirit of employees in isolation?

Online quiz brings people together.
It gives people the necessary communication with like-minded people, this is a pleasant intellectual entertainment, broadening their horizons and an opportunity to have a great time.

A corporate quiz is an exciting version of a quiz and, at the same time, a team-building little holiday!
Classy presenters for every taste: funny, strict, official or stellar. Сelebrities or just good.
We have a huge database of questions on all topics, which we have created over the years. And our authors will easily beat the features of your company in the tasks.
We will invent, buy and deliver the necessary items to each team, and diplomas and prizes to the winners.

What do you get by ordering a quiz

  • Streaming
    A professional platform that can handle thousands of people at the same time. The ability to view even with a weak Internet.
  • Platform
    Everything is automated.
    From registering and receiving a task, to answers
    and displaying the results.
    Broadcast and game on one page.
  • Scenario
    Individual scripts for each company. We use facts from history, events, corporate culture.
    Will place logos and design the page in any colors.
  • Additional
    Chat for participants to communicate, online polls right on the broadcast screen, embedding analytics, collecting contacts.

Each game is 5-7 text, graphics, audio, video or special rounds of 10 questions on different topics.

For employees
This is an opportunity to get to know each other better and unite for further comfortable work between departments, cities, countries
For clients
Create an entertaining event for loyal customers and tell them interesting facts about your product in a quiz
For company
Organizing online parties and quizzes for employees, their families and friends of the company, you will introduce and unite people.
Examples of questions
Regular text round questions
Each round consists of 10 interesting questions united by one theme. Teams communicate with each other and enter answers into the game system.

The facilitator reads the question, the text of the question is also duplicated on the screen, for the meeting after each question, time is given for 60 seconds.

After the teams have answered the questions of the round, the presenter reads out the correct answers, comments and tells additional interesting facts.
Special Rounds
Video round: Teams are shown small fragments from films (clips, serials, video clips), they need to name the film, the actor, what is advertised or continue the hero's phrase.

Musical round: Plays excerpts from 10 pieces of music, you need to name the artist or song, or, for example, say what drink the song is about.

Round with pictures: Teams are shown ten images, they need to name what exactly is depicted (what city, car brand) or where this fragment came from (work of art, literary character).

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Finding the perfect solution
We offer design options
We will select animators and host
Come up with an original concept