Fitnes and sport challenges

We increase employee engagement with the help of challenges. Collaborative Challenges unite and unite teams of any size, wherever they are. Gamification makes this process exciting, and participation in challenges motivates you to lead a healthy lifestyle and increases employee loyalty to the company.

Because you care about them!
Three levels of interaction
Shared Achievements
Activity Feed
Gift shop
Participants see their personal and team achievements in real time, which motivate each other to earn points for a common purpose.
Virtual currency for completing tasks, which can be spent on prizes and gifts at the end. Or turn the points into money and transfer them to charity.
Photos and videos with daily challenges, creative team tasks and game news can always be viewed in the feed, like, vote or write a comment.
We have noticed that through a combination of physical, creative and intellectual tasks, it is possible to increase the involvement of participants up to 60 percent.
Joint or individual tasks from the field of sports and a healthy lifestyle. Perform the number of steps per day, do 10 push-ups, make the right menu, eat the required number of calories, wake up at 6am or go to bed no later than 11pm...

Unravel the cipher, decipher the inscription, answer the logical question correctly or solve the riddle, choose the correct answer from those offered. In other words, all those tasks that make the participants think, understand the right answer, pump their intellect.


Shoot a video according to the proposed scenario, recreate a famous painting or photograph as accurately as possible, create an original congratulation or toast, put a logo out of items that are on the desktop, take a common photo. Maximum creativity.


The perfect balance of sports challenges, intellectual puzzles and creative activities.
Not everyone can climb Everest. And together with colleagues - it is quite possible. Big goals are easier to achieve as a team.
Analyze engagement, modify activities, attract even more attention.
Opportunity to communicate and share success with each other. Joint trials are a great occasion for friendship.
Get points for every action. Earn achievement badges and exchange currency for well-deserved rewards.
We broadcast the values of the company, unite employees, involve them in the corporate culture.
Leave a request and get a demo of our system. We will tell you online about the cost, what tasks are available and what are the ways to get involved in the event.
Take a look how simple everything is

Task examples


Do 100 squats today and videotape it. Everyone must attend!

Of course, we are not asking each of you to do 100 squats, but 100 squats for the whole team - so you can divide them among yourself equally or according to the level of endurance of the participants.
This is an example of a sports challenge. Teams receive sports challenges based on the number of participants and common goals.


Solve the puzzle hidden in the rock paintings and name the number.

This simple general task is a warm-up for the brain, it will help you turn on your attention and tune in together to achieve today's result.

Use the hint if you don't know how to solve.
Intellectual tasks in the game, where the main theme was travel in time and space. For each company, we write separate assignments on your topic.


Each tribe has its own war paint. Now, when you start the challenge, come up with the name of your tribe and apply the same war paint to all team members.

Take a photo (take a screenshot of the screen in the video chat). Send us and see in the feed what other tribes you have to compete with.
A collage of the results of various creative tasks. We will offer you many options and you can choose from them you like.

We will make a detailed calculation of your event for free

Finding the perfect solution
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We will select animators and host
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