Examples of riddles

Our team of authors will create diverse tasks - fun and exciting, with logical challenges and for interactivity. We will embed mini-games and develop unique scenarios.

Logical Puzzles

Crack the code, substitute the correct letters, decipher the message

Give the correct answer / solve the riddle

Multiple choice

Rebus solving
Did you know that there is even a lunar cipher, a language cipher from Futurama and an aquarium fish cipher?

Creative Puzzles

Write or create a greeting in the form of a card, poem, or other medium of your choosing.

Recreate a famous painting or photograph as accurately as possible

Photo or video challenge

Creating a congratulation

Record a song together
The final product can appear in a gallery, or we will help you create the final collage, which will be displayed during the award ceremony.

Corporate Puzzles

Compose a company slogan from available items

Decorate your workplace and take a photo

Sports challenges (crunches, push-ups, race…)

Scavenger hunt on the company values
We embed brand information, values, culture and principles in a fun and playful way.
Tasks based on famous books, paintings, films: identify the backwards song, recognize the artwork or song from a fragment, find clues in the video…
Go where only Google maps has gone, find the right places, people or objects in the panoramas. Set the search right now, in the year of the Olympics, or in retro photographs over the last century.
We develop small computer games in the style of the company - logical, rpg, verbal and intellectual riddles.
Choose a strategy in a created scenario, decide which action to take, how to talk to the character in the right way, and get, depending on your choices, all or nothing.

Search / Hunts

Search for information on the site or in the corporate network

Find information / person in the social network

Google panorama walks

Use of historical images of the area

Route challenges
Great for tasks with training or a story about company news.

Social Challenges

Take a photo with 10 colleagues

Find 5 people with green clothing

Shoot a joint video greeting

Take a photo from the office window

Bring a small gift for a colleague from the next department
We create motivation for new acquaintances and interaction between departments and branches.

Got questions?

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