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Throw unforgettable virtual events

Arrange team activities in a game format that all employees can join even if they work remotely.

Best team games

We have searched and chosen the most fun and effective team activities out there - 
quests, advent calendars, and quizzes.


The game can last from 1.5 hours to 30 days. Up to 50,000 participants can play on the platform at the same time.

Automated score system

The platform automatically calculates 
users' scores, building a positive 
competitive spirit.

Compatible with any device

Users can join the event from any smartphone or desktop browser. No download required.

Corporate branding

Customize the platform to match 
your or your customer's corporate identity.

Asynchronous events

If participants live in different time zones, the event can be held asynchronously - without being tied to a time.

Create a special event and give your team unforgettable emotions

The host meets the participants of the game, tells the rules and a legend.
Teams are formed, go to video chats and the game starts.
Teams go through game levels, earn points, complete tasks
General final, where the host announces the results and holds the award

As a stand-alone event or part of a business program

The game can be used to create a corporate event or be integrated into the general program of a conference, seminar or training.
Tastings, creativity, cooking, dancing and other useful skills online
Gamification of any HR or business process with interesting short games

Short games

Train your employees and test them in a playful way.

Training and assessment

Master classes

Users can solve puzzles, discuss ideas, and work through 
the story together.
A daily game for a 3 days or whole month with new tasks and puzzles 
for every day.


A guessing game with several rounds of themed questions.

Quizzes and trivia


Variety of task types

A team of scriptwriters will compose a variety of tasks - fun and excitement, logical, creative, and unifying.

We'll build in mini-games and develop unique scenarios.

We'll create a common finale for all the teams.

Game design and characters in corporate style

We use your brand book, corporate identity, colors, fonts for the game design.

Draw characters based on the mascot or real employees.

We will decorate the game thematically and according to the legend.


Устройте интерактивный ивент вместо скучного видеосозвона.

Work meetings

Warm up before the discussion or take a game break.

Company History

Tell the story of the company in the form of a fascinating quest.

Daily Discoveries

Create an advent calendar with surprises and tasks for each day.

Staff onboarding

Introduce new employees to the rules in a game format.


Inform, educate, and test your knowledge with quizzes and tests.

Additional options 
for special events

Can be used to create a separate event or integrate it into the general program of a conference, seminar or training.
Contact us, tell us about your product and your audience. We'll suggest several implementation options, the scriptwriters will write the game and weave a story about your company into it.

Voila, we've started preparing for your online event!

We'll bring all your ideas to life

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