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Заполняя эту форму вы соглашаетесь с политикой в отношении обработки персональных данных
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Заполняя эту форму вы соглашаетесь с политикой в отношении обработки персональных данных


Development and use of computer mini-games in the style of the company
We develop small computer games in the style of the company - logic, adventure games, verbal and intellectual riddles. Tell about your company, news or product in a short, fun, gambling game.

Suitable as a separate event, or as a separate task in the quest.
Choose a theme and design
We can brand everything in the game - the appearance of the main character and secondary characters, the place of the event and the general background.
If you want, any employee of your company can become the main character. And the riddles will be with your theme.

There are word games...

Remember this game in school lessons? If you pick up the wrong letter, a person will have a new element. The more incorrect answers, the faster the little man will be hanged. Let's not allow this!
Who want to be a millionaire
In this game, you can not only test the knowledge of the participants about the company, but also talk about new opportunities and services in a playful way. And we will draw any character - even your CEO.
True of False
A series of questions about the company or any interesting facts about your characteristics and interests. Determine if this is true or not.
Guess the word
A simple and fun game that tells about interesting facts and can be used in staff training.
At the end, information with the location of the prize, a video greeting, a certificate for a discount, or players may be taken to your corporate website.

Create your own special ending.
Result of the game

... there are puzzlers

A game in which the main task is to assemble a puzzle from a picture. Of course, we will select a picture that matches the idea of the event and your company.
To get a gift, you need to solve a series of simple and exciting logic puzzles and clear the way for him. Let's draw any obstacles - even tables in the office that interfere with the pizza delivery man.
Barley break
A well-known game, the essence of which is to move the elements of the picture in order to achieve ordering and collection of the picture.
Find the place
Arrange the blocks in the right places. Do you remember that instead of blocks there can be samples of your products?
The game can be a standalone event, a separate task in a quest, or a hybrid event. At an exhibition, conference, business event or team building.
Reach your goals
Do you have your own vision of the game?
We will develop and create a game with your ideas.

... and there are RPG

The main character of the game familiar to everyone can become a character in corporate colors, and he can collect burgers. Or cans of drinks. Or paper packaging.
By solving the riddles, you will learn how to position the satellites. And as a result, you will receive information about the whereabouts of the mysterious character.
Guide the character through the labyrinth along the only right path. The road is hidden, but there are clues.
Hero Rescue
The main task is to help the hero free the princess. Instead of the main character, your manager can be, and the princess, to whom he is in a hurry to help, is your favorite client. One thing remains unchanged - your brand.
Organize an event
We will write the script, draw the design and game characters, play up the history of the company, select the presenter - we will create exactly the kind of event you want!

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